Road tripping and the fridge disaster

1/4 to six in the morning saw us readying ourselves to leave Vegas and begin our RV road trip.  We Ubered to the front of the casino that the RV company would give us free shuttle service from.  The morning air was chill and we were pleased to see our friendly shuttle driver BJ pull up 45 minutes later.

The process of picking up an RV is long and tedious.  There is a video to watch, a full check done of all the RV’s facilities before we take over.  And a lot of boring stuff in between.

An hour and a half later we were successfully on the road!


And not 5 minutes later we found a Walmart….. Yay!

We stocked up on road trip supplies and got going.  



There are lots of fast food places the kids are keen to try; but as for me, I am enjoying making and eating the humble sandwich ( Or  ‘sammitch’ as I call it just to make the kids roll their eyes)

The others sampled In ‘n Out burger for lunch.  

It must have been a couple hours after lunch that I noticed our refrigerator did not seem to be working.  None of the lights were glowing green on the outside like they were when the lady took us through the ins and outs of our beast.

I called the help hotline and it was hard to hear her advice over the rumble of the RV.

She had me pressing button and opening fuse boxes but nothing fixed it.  

Our little fridge full of perishables rumbled along for another hour before we stopped to get petrol.    Poor Kara had to gulp down her Ben and Jerry’s soup, which was highly unsatisfactory,  

And it was there we met the RV whisperer.  This guy knew so much about RVs, he came in and had a look and within 5 minutes I had pulled out the burnt fuse causing the problem and $2 later I owned a new replacement fuse.  Just like that our fridge was humming away.  Should we have tipped him?








We pulled in to our Casa Grande RV park well after the reception had closed.  That wasn’t hard as it closes at 4 pm. Casa Grande must be a retirement hub as this was the only RV Park that would take us due to our ‘ young’ age.  All the other had strict age restrictions or were entirely adult only.

Our information was waiting in the after-hours box.

As we drove in to our pull-thru spot, we could see that someone else was already there!

It was too late to do anything but park in the spot next to ours.  We realized pretty quickly why someone was in our spot.  The water in our new spot did not work! 😡

The RV park was pretty flat and non-descript, which was a bit disappointing.  Some of the RV parks  we stayed at last time were lovely (KOA) or at least had some personality.

Flynn went to the bathroom last night and just as he was about to exit, a man walked in.  The man did a double take, clapped a hand over his mouth and then said ‘ oh s%#£!  I thought this was the men’ toilet!’

Flynn said ‘ it is the men’s’. And then because he didn’t know what else to do he added. ‘Sorry!’

He has been mistaken for a girl way too many times this trip.  It has become a bit if a meme with us.  He loves his long hair so much though.

After our first homemade dinner of burritos we crashed really early.


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