Tombstone and the shower-curtain-toilet-doors

I woke up really cold at about 2 am and suddenly wished I had paid more attention to the RV instructional video on how to turn on the heater.

Shivering and barefoot, I fumbled my way blindly until my hand grazed the instruction manual.  I huddled up on the freezing little steps next to the door and tried to find out how to turn that jolly heater on.

Did it take propane or electricity?  It is on the same board as the generator so did I need to turn in the generator?  Was I going to break the RV????

I sneezed about 6 times because my nose was just about forming icicles and that was it.

I pressed heat and then the gentle whoosh, the warm air started.  

I am happy to report that the RV did not implode, nor did propane fumes invade, only blissful warmth.

Because of jet lag, everyone was up and eating breakfast by about 6:30.

The Rv eased out into the highway pointing us towards Tombstone by 8.

We glided under a clear blue sky, cotton ball clouds, and past interesting rock formations.

Tombstone was only just starting it’s tourist day as we pulled in.  


FB4183DF-B1C2-43C1-A2F2-70535ED88DE1 Wyatt Earp, his brothers and Doc Halliday were striding up main street in their long black frock coats, and a stagecoach driven by a wizened-up Santa with a long stringy ponytail, giving a tour in the most amazingly deep and thrilling tones rumbled towards us.




The dramatized shootout between the Earps and the cowboys was clever and informative and we enjoyed the historama about the ‘town that would not die’.




After the show, the guys posed with the cast for photos.  One of them said to Flynn ‘C’mon in, sweetie!’ (he’s a boy, for crying out loud!)

Kara did a tour of the Birdcage theatre that she found fascinating, but the boys were thwarted in their hoped-for shooting range experience.  It was closed.


9A41F68E-17BA-4930-AB3C-4A72CC6DD0C0 We were ravenous after all this and I knew from TripAdvisor that meals on main street are overpriced.


We went out into the non-touristy part of Tombstone and there did not appear to be a thing.

‘Let’s walk along and look for a local,’ I suggested.

The street was deserted.  As we walked, a few blocks down the hill, a lone figured reared into sight.  The figure seemed a little unsteady and kept leaning over into the bushes and then straightening and moving on.  

As we got closer, the figure became a man, with a red bandana tied around his head ( like in the gang movies I have seen!), lots of facial and neck tattoos (teardrops), with headphones on.

He was just about to pass us when I thought, ‘He is our only hope for a cheap lunch; do it Michelle’.

When I said ‘Excuse me’, he looked a little annoyed at having to remove his headphones.

But his face cleared as I asked him, and he pointed us in the direction of O.K. Cafe.

After we thanked him and he set back off again, he turned back and shouted ‘ Where are you guys from?’


He made some positive gesture with his hands and grinned.

Ok Cafe didn’t look like much at all as we peered at it.  Just a corner store.

But when we got inside, I felt like I was in some 80’s tv show where the stars hang out at a down-home cafe.  It was like a warm hug.

The waitress was lovely.  The guys ordered buffalo burgers, Kara got loaded fries, Flynn got nuggets and a hit chocolate and I ordered the Chef’s salad with blue dressing.

We were handed a packet of UNO cards to keep us entertained while we waited. 477D7896-9ADE-4806-AA19-6079602807E5


The food came out before we finished our game, it was filling and tasty.  Check out my salad- biggest salad I have ever gotten!




Oh my was it ever tasty!

After we rolled our full bellies out the doo, we wanted to settle in to our RV park.

It was about 20 minutes out of Tombstone, quirky and kitch.

When I walked into reception, I could tell right away they were not expecting us.  

‘No, you aren’t booked in here.  You can sure stay, but do you want to call and get directions for your actual RV park?’

I said no, we would stay put.

Later, once we got wifi, I double checked and this was the right stop.  I think what happened is that in this park, renters can stay free if they volunteer 12 hours a week of their time.  

So maybe one of them dropped the ball.  Her name is Blu and we emailed each other regarding the looking about 6 times  

This park has a huge common room with cupboards bursting with games and puzzles.

Flynn practised his dice stacking, which is a noisy endeavour.

We had working water this time, but the restroom block was confusing.  Firstly, it is tiny and there is only 1 in the whole park.  The ladies had 3 toilets and 2 showers.

The toilet cubicles only had a shower curtain as the door!  The man in the laundry told me just to lock the door to the whole ladies block.

So I did. 

And we never saw another soul use the bathroom except us.  I think the bathrooms on those huge RVs must be awesome!


I made up a big spaghetti bolognese for dinner after watching Flynn do some more dice stacking practise, we were tucked in for the night.


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