That time we stumbled into a hole in the wall

Jet lag once again was our friend, enabling us to be on the road early, leaving the RV park just as dawn crept over the Tombstone country.  Gotta say, I am really missing my morning coffee. All I want is a cappuccino….


The policeman at our first border security stop assured us that our drive to El Paso would be flat and boring.  He was not far wrong.  

We had to stop and get groceries at Walmart; detergent  for one thing as I had been washing our dishes in shampoo so far!

I never get to stay long enough to see everything I want to in Walmart.  For instance I got sidetracked looking for Christmas stuff and forgot to find butter.

Wendy’s was close by, so we walked over and ordered, you guessed it, burgers.  The order took ages and the girl handed me one too few soft drink cups, before I reminded her give me another.

When we got back to the RV and distributed the food out, we were a meal short.  As I couldn’t find my receipt, I left the RV (with Flynn shouting out the door at me ‘don’t be angry at the lady!’. 😜) went back across to Wendy’s and re-bought the meal,

When I arrived back at the RV, Kara said, ‘she forgot my dessert too.’

By this time, Flynn realised he had had the receipt the entire time.  Kara took it and marched back over to get her drink as she is not the pushover that I am.

Once all the burgers ( and sammitches 🤣) has been consumed, we continued forth towards El Paso.  

Just before Las Cruces I remembered that we needed to pull in and see the pretty little town of Mesilla.  We stopped in and spent a pleasant hour. Sightseeing and souvenir shopping. 

The photos of Mesilla do not do it justice.













An hour later the metropolis of Ep Paso sprawled in front of us.

Ok, so I had something very different conjured up in my head when it came to El Paso, possibly from the El Paso Mexican food ads back home.

The part of El Paso we got to see was very industrial and busy.    I was a little disappointed. 

Our RV was smack dab in the middle of a busy road, not really off the beaten track at all.

It has to be the most basic, drab RV park we have ever stayed at.

The upside was yet again we were the only ones in the park using the restrooms.  The whole okCe to ourselves, which was great!

Patsy, the rock star chick behind the counter was amazing though and she told us we must go directly across the street for the best burgers in El Paso. ‘It’s a hole in the wall, but it’s delicious’ 

Pretty big call, lady!

When we went over, I mentioned this to the owner.


‘Best burgers in El Paso?’, he scoffed.  ‘I make the best burgers in Texas.  Wait until you taste it!’

The place certainly is s hole in the wall.  Nothing to look at on the outside, but step inside, and the aromas of great food tell another story.

Once we were seated he came around and laid out with menus; but not for us to choose anything from….

‘You might find this strange, but I am going to tell you what you are getting tonight’, he said, just as quickly taking the menus away.


‘First I am gonna get you some chorizo cheese fries and baked potato fries.  The baked one are covered in bacon and cheese. 

Then I will bring you each a Dabble Dabble burger.  This is our signature burger.’

Finally I want you to each try a Chiquito, a fried burrito in long green chilli sauce.’

He picked up a bottle of sauce from out table. ‘ Now this is green sauce.  Because you aren’t from here, later I will give you the recipe, but don’t let me find out you have opened up a Chuco in Australia.’

Tony hurried off to get the food order started as we sat back in a little bit of shock, reflecting that his success is half due to his big personality and hands-on style.




Our burgers came out and oh… my… giddy….aunt.


Juicy, bursting with flavour, Mexican tones, amazing.  I poured that green sauce over it liberally.  Delicious.

The baked fries were so good.  The chorizo fries took a bit of getting used to as the chorizo we are used to is so different.  This chorizo was crumbly, with a strong paprika earthy taste to it.  I didn’t think it tasted meaty.

I was too full after the burger to eat the burrito but I tasted it; the long green chilli sauce was rich and flavoursome.


To finish it off, we ordered the best icy Pina Colada ( non alcoholic) milkshake to take back to Kara.  Such a refreshing drink. 

Just before we left, Tony came out and gave me the recipe for his green sauce.  I am happy to share it if anyone would like it.  

Tony has done an amazing job to get the reputation for burgers in 6 short years, starting his business with only $100.

I think we just encountered an incredible man.

We came home and watched National Lampoon Christmas Vacation.  I fell asleep halfway through.



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