Hangry at Texas Roadhouse


After another early wake up, I actually fell asleep at around 5:30.  So I ended up sleeping in til 7.  

By 8 we were waving goodbye to Patsy and headed for Odessa.  After the rugged beauty of Arizona, this part of Texas is blah.  Dry scrubby flats for mile upon mile with only  oil rigs nodding slowly breaking up the horizon.

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I found a decent coffe, not a cappuccino but an unsweetened pumpkin spiced coffee.  Pretty good.

We were planning to grab lunch at about 1 at Texas Roadhouse but we crossed a Timezone and arrived just after 2.

The smiling manager greeted us at the door.  ‘Hi, would you like to purchase some gift vouchers?’

‘Unmmmm….’ I was rattled.  ‘ can we get some food?’

‘I’m sorry’, we open again at 4.’


We were already a little hangry and now we had to do our Christmas shopping hangry while we killed time.


I made a stupid blunder when I misheard a pushy salesman wrong; I was furious at him and myself and poor Flynn thought I was furious st him.  I seriously need to stop feeling dirty for dumb pushy salespeople. They are not good for my mental health.

Besides buying that dumb product, I managed no other success as I was Flynn’s adult as he shopped for his sibling secret Santa.  He is very strict with these things.  He won’t tell me who he has in case I give him hints or tips about what that person might like and then he feels that the gift is no longer really from him.

Unsurprisingly, he also had no shopping success.

I usually put names in a jay and all the kids pull one out.  But because we were at the mall and we needed to get it done, I just whispered a different name I each kid’s ear.

Based on my track record, how do you think I did?

Yeah, that is about right.  I got a bad feeling about an hour and a half in; after checking- turns out two kids had the same sibling and one was getting nothing.  Oh dear.  Thank goodness my inner-mama alarm bells were ringing.

By the time we got back to Texas Roadhouse at 4:30 the place was thriving!  We were assigned an absolutely stellar waitress.  While we waited for our mains, the manager came up to say ‘welcome back’ and he insisted on us having their famous chilli and crackers on him!

It was a pretty good chilli too.  🙂

It pays to be Aussies sometimes

Of course nothing was as amazing as those Texas Roadhouse buns though, with that whipped cinnamon butter.  They rock my world.

The steaks were amazing, my sides were only so-so.

The manager was pretty thrilled to discover we were Aussie’s.  His 7!kids are homeschooled and one of the kid’s favourite book is about Australia.

Our waitress brought us a doggy bag of 8 extra buns with butter.  How amazing is that?

We left, totally de-hangrified.


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But, I had forgotten that the place we are staying the night is actually another hour away; an hour closer to our early RV drop off tomorrow.

So, battling Friday evening traffic and a GPS that stubbornly wanted us to do goat tracks because it had been so much fun doing goat tracks in Europe; we very slowly inched closer to Big Spring. 

We got there late. Got great wifi and find a toilet block with very unsteady ( in fact wobbly) toilets


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