A Day of Muddles

      We were on the road just before 5 this morning, trying to get to Dallas to drop off the RV by the 11am cut-off.  Once we had retracted the RV slide-outs, the kids went back to sleep.

Such a smooth run we had with a ETA of 9:45 giving us a great buffer to clean the RV really well before we arrived.

We pulled in at a service station to refuel in order to return the RV with the required full  tank of petrol, and we did all our cleaning there.  

The GPS informed us that we would be arriving a full half hour before the 11am deadline.  Phew!

As we got within 5 minutes, the location just didn’t look quite right, a feeling that was confirmed when we arrived at the actual destination: a vacant lot.

WHAT? What was going on?

A quick check of the GPS revealed the issue; the right street had been plugged in but Dallas had been listed as the town, not McKinney a suburb on the outskirts of Dallas where the RV place was.

The correction was made and the GPS promised us a 10:58 am arrival!!!!


So the poor old RV pressed forth as fast as it could go.  All our drinks and perishables had been removed from the fridge and were squashed in together on the kitchen bench in readiness for our leaving.

As we rounded the final sharp corner  to our stop, everything on the bench shifted and suddenly there was an almighty POP as our full 1 gallon (4litres) container of iced tea bounced onto the floor, exploding sticky iced tea over our pristine RV.

Oh my lands!!!

2 minutes to clean the 1 gallon of iced tea and half a packet of cereal off the RV floor.

It was nuts, I tell you.

And here is the clincher.  Once we got inside the RV rental place, absolutely exhausted from the multiple stresses; the lovely man manning the front desk was surprised to see us.  Apparently he expected us 2 days later as the RVs are booked for a minimum of 7 days, whether you use all 7 days or not.  So the early start and the the stops we pulled out to reach them by 11 had not been at all necessary…. 

The lovely man saved us an expensive Uber drive across town to our hire car.  He called up and arranged a swap with the Enterprise company down the road and then drove us down to get it.  Thanks, man!

We have several lovely friends near Dallas, but due to interstate weddings, none of them were around; and after our morning, we really wanted a rest. 


I called out Booking.com-arranged motel to see how early we could check in and she curtly answered ‘2 pm is check in.’

Time to kill?   Can’t kill time at a better place than Chick-fil-A.   It was delicious, we ate it in honor of you, Dana!  Their sugar free homemade lemonade is the BEST!  I had some delicious salad with the most amazing avocado lime dressing.


We got to the motel at 2:02 pm.

The lady behind the counter couldn’t have cared less if we showed up or not; she was uninterested.  

‘Check-in is at 3 pm’ she told me, perched on her chair right next to the big sign that said ‘Check in at 2 pm’

‘ It says 2 pm on the Booking.com site’, I countered.

She didn’t say anything, just dilly-dallied with other things for a bit.  I just stayed there, right where I was.

‘ Ok,’ she sighed, ‘I can give you two different rooms that are ready now.’

Thanks, lady!

The motel reminded me of our Soho Hotel experience in Athens, as far as dodgy clientele were concerned. Our room was fine, but We could hear a few shady dealings going on around us.


One guy, screamed cuss words down his phone as he walked over to the main road, where he proceeded to petition cash from people at the stop sign!

We rested in our rooms for a bit and then I ordered an Uber to get us to our Medieval Times booking.  The kids had so enjoyed it last time, it had been requested again. 

As we stood out on the kerb, a car about the right size to be our Uberxlarge hurtled past, and I noticed on the app that our Uber driver’s car had also gone too far.

The same car came back, driving fast, he turned in sharply and pulled in, mounting the kerb with a skidding bump.

We got in a little fearfully, and our friendly driver careened is back onto the road.

He was lovely; with poor English but we managed to communicate a little with him.

We arrived at the castle in one piece and as we were so early, we got fabulous seats!


It was a great show and as last time, we got the dud, trainee knight-but he seemed lovely.  We think he was more of a stunts man that a skilled knight.


The food was basic but hearty and  fun as it was all eaten with our hands.  Those waiters run a tight show, they do an amazing job.


The only thing we won’t mention was the near multi-car collision we almost caused in downtown Dallas, which resulted in numerous cars to furiously (and with good reason) bully-honk us.  But we won’t mention that.



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