In which we encounter fantastic water

Today heralded Zac’s 22nd birthday!

He kindly allowed us a sleep-in before presents and a yummy waffle breakfast, courtesy of Rouse’s supermarket.  Sadly America dies not appear to stick the glorious fake maple syrup that I love so much from home so I had- you guessed it- a sammitch instead. 

We tried the wafer thin American bacon from there the other day actually.  My friend Sarah has talked about how different American Bacon is to Australian Bacon over the years so it was fun to taste real American bacon.

Zac’s birthday request had been to see jazz, so I found a yummy Jazz brunch location in the French Quarter a couple months ago and booked us in.

It was raining lightly as we ferried in.



The Court of Two Sisters has a modest door but it was a bit like the wardrobe door from Narnia, opening into a cavernous and pretty space. 



I had requested a table in the stunning courtyard but due to the rain, the courtyard was closed and they had us right next to the Jazz musicians instead.


The brunch was FABULOUS!  Gumbo, etouffee, jambalaya, crawfish, grits, the best mashed potatoes and a dreamy creamy spinach dish that blew my socks off.

There was a lot of roasted meats and ribs as well, but I just wanted to sample all the local fare. 

Brice our fantastic waiter, gave me a couple tips for good taste sensations ‘put some jambalaya on the white rice, add the creamed spinach and top with some of that glazed sweet potato!  That’s a good one.’


He kept our huge tumblers full of iced water.  I have never seen such enthusiastic tumbler-filling.  Flynn told him ‘ this is the fanciest water I ever drank!’  And earlier, he came up as I was telling Kara ‘ this is amazing water!’

Brice replied ‘oh yes, ma’m it sure is good water’.  He must have privately thought we were bizarre to have all that amazing food in front of us and be raving on about the ‘incredible’ water.


I didn’t like the biscuits ( too baking powder-y) or cornbread ( dry and so sweet) but everything else was sumptuous. I finished with a dessert plate, none of which blew me away.  The famous King cake of Louisiana is like a drier, more spiced version of sticky buns.  Not a big fan.  It is pretty to look at though; so there’s that.

Just before we left, we saw Brice dashing through the gorgeous outdoor courtyard.  A few minutes later he came back bearing a plate with a lit candle on a piece of Oreo cake and the 3 jazz musicians behind him,  who played Zac the birthday songs with great gusto as all the other patrons joined in singing.

Wonderful moment!

When I got the bill, I saw that sweet Brice had kindly counted the two youngest as ‘children’ ( they are both very obviously out of the age range according to the sign in the door) rendering their meals at half price.  What a dude!

We stepped out into pouring rain and the poor birthday boy walked right into a scammer.  Oh my goodness, both in Kenya and here, we have really got to have our wits about us; there are so many people we have encountered this trip, pretending to be friendly but really wanting money.

This particular guy was determined to forcibly impart the 10 rules of how to stay alive in New Orleans upon us, trying to insert himself into our conversation and make us indebted to him.  Then when we tried to politely extract ourselves from him, he asked for recompense for these tips.  Um, noooo. 5A7B4839-BE3F-4DD2-BD68-EED30714A866 18DFEB2C-6BB9-4C9E-858C-9CE8567B7054


By the time we arrived at the ferry, we were literally squeezing water out of our hoodies, and our shoes were saturated and squelching. Not fun.

An Aussie couple at the ferry needed directions and I did try to help them 🤪; I truly hope they are not still out there lost on my directions.

We got home with time for a two hour rest before the guys headed out again into the pouring to watch a movie in honour of Zac’s birthday.



I personally was thrilled to be staying home!


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  1. Anonymous
    December 21, 2018 at 10:05 pm (2 years ago)

    What experiences! Helping everyone to grow in some way.


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