Some down home cookin’


We cancelled our scheduled walking tour this morning after much agonising over whether to or not.  It was going to cover many of the same locations and we really needed a slower pace today.  

I had been a little confused that it was a Free Walking Tour, yet I had paid US $60 for it and that was not even including the tip yet.  The free walking tours we did  in Europe are free and then you tip after, and I tipped generously.  Ah well, this guy got a $60 tip and didn’t show us anything.  🙂

A 9 minute walk from our Algiers Point house has us at the ferry.  I think I must be tired because I had done the sums in my head several times and concluded that a round trip in the ferry is the same price as a round trip in an Uber.  Waking up with a clear head today, it was obvious that the round ferry trip is actually HALF the cost of a round Uber trip. 

The 7 minute ferry ride across the Mississippi provided us with great views of the NOLA skyline.






We strolled through the French Quarter in the daylight this time. It really is beautiful with a Caribbean feel.  







Half of Bourbon street (as in, the tarmac) is currently being torn up and redone-so we did not linger there too long. 

We did some essential Zac-birthday- and Christmas shopping.  The main store we found was managed by an Ethiopian woman so we chattered a bit, mainly about injera bu wat.

We tossed up lots of lunch ideas but the original plan to check out Willie Mae’s famous fried chicken won out.  This New Orleans establishment was quite a hike up into the Treme, past some really run-down areas. 





I have to say that I love, love love people-watching in America.  From my observations, Americans are far less reserved about interacting in public with each other than Aussies, so it proves fascinating viewing.  Heading into the Tremé was great people-watching. Some locals called out greetings to us from their stoop; friendly locals!

We were excited that there was no queue when we arrived; there is sometimes a line around the block, from what TripAdvisor tells me.



The humble exterior hides a well organised machine inside.  I guess they need to be with their fame continuing to spread.  The late Ms Willie Mae’s great granddaughter now runs the business of making ‘America’s Best Fried Chicken’

I had slowly developed a headache over the morning, and it had now become nearly overwhelming pain, making me nauseous and faint.

After we placed our order, Bodie and I headed to the corner store to try to get something akin to Panadol.

The corner store was not accessible by door.  A tiny barred window had a friendly face peering out from it and we had to ask for what we needed and then  it was handed through the window.

20 minutes later, I felt quite a bit better.

The chicken arrived, darkly crunchy with a spicy bite on the outside and juicy on the inside.  Well worth the hike!

The red beans and rice were good ( but I like mine better 😜)


the butter beans and rice tasted a little Ethiopian and was delicious


. The cornbread was sweet and a little dry, but that is most American cornbread I have sampled up to now; I like how I make my my cornbread better ( a bit more dense, and less sweet).  The fried okra was delicious and not over-cooked! 


So yummy! Kara’s mashed potatoes was the best she has ever had, and she is a mashed potato connoisseur. 

The iced tea here is the best I have had in a long time. 


We left very satisfied.

This was just a quiet day after our lunch.  

We had a lovely FaceTime with my side of the family back home because it is my precious Dad’s birthday too!

Kara and I wanted to finish up some Zachary and Christmas shopping.  We heard a (another) sassy exchange between a customer and a a cashier at the dollar store.  Fascinating.  Americans, ya’ll are sassy!  

I made burritos and we played some Mafia before hitting the hay.



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