My achy breaky hip and the scavenging of street maps

Our first morning in Savannah dawned and curiosity overcame me as I had yet to see a glimpse of Savannah by day.

Groceries needed to be the priority over exploring so I crossed the street to the Kroger and bought some breakfast goodies as well as ‘sammitch’ must-haves.

we are staying opposite Forsyth Park


After my brekky, I realized I couldn’t wait for the others to wake up. Savannah was calling me.

A quick glance at Google maps before I lost wifi showed a straight 2 km walk to River St, a cobblestoned promenade along the Savannah River.

Ok then!

Off I set.  A crisp winter morning greeted me, which I was underdressed for; I did not bring a winter jacket to the States, only my thin hoodie.  🙄. It’s a good thing then, that the feast for my eyes warmed up the cockles of my heart. 

I wanted to photograph every single house I passed and once again, I wished I had my camera. 








This part of Savannah feels safer than any other place we have stayed so far. 




About 20 minutes in, I came to an intersection, looked up and down the street and gulped.  What a beautiful street!



‘I think this is the prettiest street in America’, I whispered out loud to myself.

It was worth a bit of my precious data to confirm and yes, Jones St is known to be the prettiest street in America.  It was on my itinerary to look for it, but I had forgotten the name and didn’t realise it was so close to our home. 












Meandering slowly along both sides of the street, I took in only half of Jones St, leaving the other half to discover and savor with the rest of the family.  Nearly every door bore a massive Christmas wreath, many had fresh evergreens wound around their staircase’s balustrade, some with Christmas lights intertwined.  My favorites were the ones with a US flag sticking out at an angle.  

The different squares of Savannah also enchanted me. So much history.  At the first square I found an abandoned street map of Savannah which was the best thing ever!  It was informative and easy to read.







My feet took me all the way to River St and those are the biggest cobblestones I have ever seen.  Wow!  But I didn’t begin exploring there.  That is for all of us to do together tomorrow.

Those little feet of mine ached by the time I got home, actually it was my left knee/ hip area that ached.  I have a bursitis in my hip that I was told would go away after about a year but it still persists, the little blighter.  So annoying.

We ate a relaxed lunch and decided to head out at 2:30.  

Another fun plan for the day was to meet up with our dear Aussie friends who are also travelling through the US and just accidentally ended up in Savannah.  Bizarre that we are here together! 

On my stroll home I took note of several cafes and then we decided on one that would still be open late afternoon so we could fit in an explore before meeting up with our friends. 

I do not understand the road rules for pedestrians here.  There are lots of ‘crosswalks’ that look like Australian zebra crossings, but none of the Americans are stepping out into them confidently like we can in Australia.  Until we are really sure, we cross at the crosswalks when a car is a long ways off or if a car stops and signals us to walk.

So our afternoon consisted of  moments of delight, discovering beautiful beautiful homes and squares juxtaposed with moments of terror and indecision at each street crossing.

We were enroute to the cafe where we would meet our friends when we arrived at a BIG crossing with 2 roads to cross on the one crossing!.

We looked left and right, nothing was close so we stepped out into the crossing when an authoritative voice from the other side boomed out something we couldn’t hear.  We looked up and saw a silhouette of a man and woman against the lowering sun.  The  man gestured behind him where there was an electronic ‘stop’ or ‘go’ sign, now indicating ‘stop’!  Oh!  Whoops!

We scuttled back like shy crabs and squinted into the sun’s brightness to thank this man and saw he was laughing and so was his companion!

It was our friends, Lafe and Wendy just trolling us for kicks!  What!?!

We had a fun catchup with them over a cappuccino (Aussie style) and waffles.


By the time we walked back home, I had found a total of 3 discarded Savannah’s street maps!  My goal is to get one for each of us.  🤣


Dinner was FiveGuys for the fam via UberEats tonight.  The time kept blown out and their fries were all stone cold even though they were a 5 minute drive away.  A bit disappointing.

It didn’t bother me personally as I was very much enjoying my ‘sammitch’ ! 🤣

At least we were in bed a half hour earlier than the previous evening.


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