An amen and the best smell ever

Another generous sleep-in for whoever needed it this morning.
My visit to Dollar Tree filled the Christmas stockings so another little Christmas job is done. Everything in this Dollar Tree was actually only one dollar! There were even frozen meals in there!
While I was walking through the Dollar Tree aisles, I noticed a wobbly little lady teetering around on a walker with another lady in tow. They were both ahead of me in the checkout, and once the wobbly lady left, the other woman told the cashier ‘Lord help me, she trying my patience! She keep fallin’ over and she so demanding. I am ready to kill her and I only known her a couple days!’
‘How you meet her, gurrl?’ asked the cashier.
‘ I met her at church on Sunday. She need our help, but L give me strength. Lord JESUSSSS give me the strength!’
I felt like some response was in order, so I murmured ‘Amen!’
And with another whispered prayer to ‘Jesusss’, the lady walked out to her car where the other woman was already settled comfortably in the passenger seat.

At 1:30 we hiked out to have Flynn’s desired McDonalds lunch before walking along River St.
River St is a pretty, cobblestoned street for pedestrians ( and the odd car here and there) alongside the Savannah River. There are 2 steep sets of steps to get down to the river with signs telling us that, as historic steps, we take them at our own risk.



















I am definitely not a shopper, I don’t really even like browsing, so the highlight of this old street besides its photogenic qualities was definitely River Streets Sweets.

A warm butterscotch-y aroma wafted out from its doors, enveloping us in its heady fragrance and drawing us inside. Every sweet dish I love me begins with those smells. They make the sweets on-site and there were free praline samples, which tasted just like the store smelt.






We decided on a huge Christmas flavored caramel apple and some Butterfinger fudge to share when we got home.


I wanted to soak in our last walk home through the streets and squares. Soak in the avenues lined with Spanish moss-draped oaks; that delicate silvery moss that we did not touch after Captain Emmett from our swamp tour told us about the red biting bugs and other things that live in it. Did you know that the first pillows and mattresses were stuffed with Spanish moss and that is where the saying ‘don’t let the bed bugs bite’ comes from?



Another fascinating fact is that Spanish moss is not moss at all and in fact is related to the pineapple! 😃
One disappointment for me with our Savannah visit is that the place I most looked forward to eating at on our trip-Mrs Wilkes, is closed on the weekend and we are only here for the weekend. *cry emoji* Mrs Wilkes serves all the Southern fixings for lunch at a massive table where you pass the dishes around like one huge family. Has anyone else been?
We had our River Street Sweets



… followed by waffles for dinner and then Christmas wrapping began for me.
I am extremely blessed that Kara finds joy and calm in wrapping presents. She’d already wrapped all but her own presents, creating pieces of art really. So once she was done, I got in there with my two left hands and tried to be delicate in wrapping her gifts.
It was supposed to be an early night but somehow we were phoning Australia at 11:45 pm to find out about a missing bank transfer. So not a particularly early night.

Our door is the middle right.                        7ADD6087-DC85-44D1-B928-1B436AD447A1


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