In which it is too wet to take many photos


( This is just a rushed write-up to We were up super early again today. Kara  was staying home to rest her sore foot. 

We spent the first hour in Hogsmeade as we had reached straight over to Diagon Alley after our first couple rides the day before.

We wanted to do the King Kong ride  and it was FANTASTIC!  Thanks for that recommendation, Kaet!

Zac and I had gone our own way after the others decided to start repeating rides.  We saw the Popeye barge ride and remember it was fun.  We got in with a couple wearing raincoats and got worried.  How wet could we get?

Um, we got so wet, that the couple may as well have not been wearing those raincoats.  We were soaked, as in wring-your-clothes-out soaked.  Zac socks and shoes were soaked.  The others came to the ride and proceeded to go on all the wet rides over and over until I put a stop to Flynn getting any wetter in case he got sick. 


The parks can be a real money drainer with food so I Ubered to Walmart to stock up on supplies before we moved to Disney the next day.

I also grabbed Flynn some cheap shoes as his have been causing him pain so he is relying on flip flops.  As I waited for yet another Uber to take me home, I met some other hotel guests who would have let me share their taxi!  Darn!

When I got home, the dumb shoes were too tight on FLynn which means his feet are now bigger than mine and also mean I just wasted $13 US dollars.  Super annoying!

I was excited for Flynn to finally show interest in my the pool.  I have always wanted to go on a lazy river and we went to borrow inner tubes, to learn we had to buy them.  🙄

But the fun we had floating around that lazy river was a great memory. 

A later night than I had hoped. We had some mcDonalds supplemented by  Walmart frozen meals while Zac and Bodie hopped over to Citywalk to sample the fabulous CowFish!



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