Lots of walking, lots of commute, lots of fun!

Today being our last day at Universal we got up early once more.  After checking out and stowing our luggage for a day at the parks, Kara and I went via the shuttle as we had determined that she would come with the aid of a wheelchair for her injured foot.  We raced all the way to Hogsmeade and I am not gonna lie, steering that wheelchair up the steeper parts of the queuing lines for the Forbidden Journey ride were a little wearying.

Kara  actually found that the wheelchair made her anxious, so by lunchtime she abandoned it.  

We made sure we took her on the Jimmy Kimmel ride and  we also did Transformers.  My favourite rides all up were definitely King Kong followed by racing Jimmy.

We snacked on pretzels and ice cream before leaving the parks for good.  Oh and we tried a Simpson doughnut.  

I snuck extra cups into my bag today so we could share out two huge butterbeers out between all of us.  I was proud of this hack.  😁


(Cooling off)


We retrieved our luggage and Ubered to our DisneyWorld accomodation.  I again bought timeshare points from the same lady as last time so we could stay at a Disney resort for a lot cheaper.  It was s lot more expensive as our dollar sucks against the US dollar at the moment plus we are here for their busiest week of the year.



After check-in and receiving our Disney bands which are our Disney park tickets, fast passes, door keys and payment method, we were given early entry to our rooms which are thankfully a lot closer to each other.


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I had planned for us to attend a musical show Hoop Dee Doo tonight; bad planning on my part as we were exhausted already.  We had no real downtime before we had to fumble our way through transport way out to another resort.  Oh, the balls of my feet ached.

The show was so good though and our dinner was great.  We were up on a balcony overlooking the stage.

The food was really good and hearty.  The mains came out in metal buckets just as the performers were belting out a number on stage, and every sever began banging the buckets of food down on our metal plates in time with the music   

One of the final songs featured the waiters and our waiter waved up at us and we waved back at her.  The show succeeded in warming up the crowd and we left happy and satisfied.

There was no way our crew could put up with another jumble of buses to get home with another early start looking.  I ordered a last Uber.

We got home and crashed!


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