In which the Disney transport is not as extreme as us

After such a frantic day yesterday, I was not at all surprised that Kara needed a rest day.

The rest of us rose early to go hard at Animal Kingdom.

I forgot how absolutely sprawling Disney World is.  It is like its own city.

Having to rely on Disney transport was a stressor for me because they only pick you up an hour before a park opens.  This means you get spat out at the park at only 40 minutes before opening which means throngs of other park guests are already milling at the entrance, clogging my path to the RIDES!

We sucked it up though and arrived at Animal Kingdom with our strategic touring plan and strategic fast passes ready to help us beat the craziest week of Disney World’s year.

Once through the gates, we beat a hasty path to Avatar’s Flight of Passage.  There was already an hour and 10 minute line as we got arrived there, out of breath from speed walking.

The Disney lines can be quite entertaining though and the time passed quickly.  This ride is the best I have ever been to; a fantastic simulation of flying through Pandora.  I held my breath several times and found the ride so realistic and the world so beautiful I could have shed tears.

As we walked out of the ride, the line had jumped to a 4+ hour wait! 😳

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Our first fast pass took us straight into the other headliner ride, the Na’vi River journey. 

People-watchers will have a field day at Disney World- well I did!  

Americans, I find you fascinating!

In line for DINOSAUR, we heard a large amount of water splashing out into the floor.  All heads turned to see a parent holding their poor child out at arm’s length as vomit splattered out everywhere; the diameter of that spray was huge.

The people in front of us were a party of 7; 3 kids, all of whom were absolute brats, tormenting and hurting each other so much as the 4 adults in their party remained oblivious, glued to their smart phones.😡 

We had a pleasant day just following our plan.  I had booked us a lunch specifically attached to the River of Dreams light extravaganza in the evening.  

Kara joined us for lunch which was an African-themed buffet and where we got to meet a bunch of Disney characters.  I was thankful for the booking as the line for lunch was over 2 hours long.  





No one found the Kilimanjaro Expedition ( a safari ride) as exciting as last time, now that we have experienced a real African Safari.  But still fun.








It was a lovely experience but we knew as we straggled out of the park that the only way we would be coming back to see any show is if Mickey hogtied us and physically carried us back.

So we made a group of six people entering the park very happy by handing them our tickets.

Subway Ubereats was was our cheapest dinner option; unfortunately they omitted the 12 cookies I ordered for snacks the next day 😳

Sunset on our pond.


Kara and Flynn mustered up the energy to go to the pool for an hour after dinner which made my heart happy.


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