Our magical New Years Eve

This was the day we were all skeptical about.  New Years Eve at Magic Kingdom, the most popular park at Disney World on the busiest day of the year.  The Disney blogs and forums don’t even offer a  touring plan for New Year’s Eve, they just say ‘savour the moment and go in with no expectations of getting many rides’.  There are hacks for trying to get to use the a public ‘restroom’ there as the queues for the toilets even need a Fast-pass on NYE. 

Magic Kingdom had Extra Magic Hours in the morning which means Disney Hotel guests got in an hour early.  Phew!

We lined up behind crowds of people in the fog at the Magic Kingdom entrance and I inwardly shuddered.  

This was our first view of Cinderella Castle, lit up like a frosted sugarplum.   


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But once again, our touring plan strategies paid off and we knocked off all the headliner rides early and did some of our faves twice!

At about 10:30 as we exited a ride, we were suddenly confronted with a wave of the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds we had heard about. 

This coincided with the time our Fast-passes ( Fast-passes are virtual place holders in a ride-line; they hold your place at a particular time for an hour) were beginning so we ended up doing 11 rides before leaving before 1 pm.

I was not at all impressed with the Mickey pretzel.  Tough and bland after being so spoiled by Aunty Mne’s Pretzels.


We bombed out on one Fast-pass.  Enchanted Tales with Belle was for small kids and die hard fans of the movie only.  Bum-bow! 😳

The Christmas tree in the line was my favourite party of the Belle Fastpass…


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Despite the crowds, a really lovely feel pervaded the park, a buzz of joy and excitement. 

We crashed hard at home, no energy even for the pool.  The early mornings are getting to us.

We Uber-ate McDonalds as I saw that they had McRibs which Zac has had once before and was keen to try again.

About half an hour after the order was placed, I was notified that they had cancelled the order.

I assumed it was a NYE mistake do I reordered immediately.

2 minutes later, it said my order was on the way.  Then my phone rang, an Orlando number.  It was my Uber-eats driver telling me that the order had been cancelled due to McRob not being available and I needed to change my order.

When the order eventually showed up, Flynn’s nuggets were missing and there were no straws. 🙄

We missed seeing the New Year in by about an hour as we couldn’t keep our eyes open, but the fireworks at Epcot were so loud, I dreamt we were being attacked and woke up briefly.


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