The promise-breakers of Epcot

Catching the Disney bus to Epcot pm on January 1st caused us some confusion.  I forgot that Disney parks open at 9 am so we were sitting at the bus stop at about 7 and nothing showed up on the board showing Epcot bus times at all!  Luckily for us, a bus showed up at 7:17.

We were first at the rope drop (a set of ropes line the entry to the rides and the themed areas until the park is officially opened) so we had front row viewing of the Jamitors who entertained us with their humorous drum skills until park opening.


Before the rope dropped, as part of the official opening, we all had to raise our right hand up and promise not to run to the rides.

Then the rope dropped.  WE set off at a brisk pace- speed walking in the direction of our first ride.  Several people broke into a RUN (gasp!) so I helpfully called out to them ‘you are breaking your promise!’ 🤣

Our second ride brought our smooth run to a halt.  Test Track was down temporarily with no indication how long it would take to get back on ‘track’.

We decided to gamble our good run and stay in the queue.  It paid off!  Woot!  About an hour later we ticked Test Track  off our list.  It is such a fun ride and screaming is not optional if you are me. 😁

We decided to go line up for the Frozen ride over in Norway, so we didn’t have to stay back and wait until our last Fast-pass for it.

Unfortunately when we arrived at Frozen, it was out of play as well and we were not even allowed to line up for it.  

Being Epcot with all the lands, the food options for lunch were many and varied.  We had tasty noms from England, China and Italy.

Later after the rest of the family went home, I continued exploring more of the lands in Epcot until the Frozen Fast-pass ride.

( photos from just a few of the lands)

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This shaved ice was so refreshing.  I want to live on them forever.


It is a lovely ride- the animatronics are advanced, but only for Frozen fans, like moi.

I went home to crash, but we ended up entering the resort trivia night as a team and coming second!  ( do not ask how many teams there were)

Ubereats provided us Popeye’s delicious and cheap chicken and biscuits ( like an Aussie scone, just a bit more savoury)


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