Hollywood Studios- my blah day

Hollywood studios-a super short post about it just for the sake of my diary and memories

This was my least favorite park and least favorite day in the parks, not sure why really because I loved it last time we came.

We started the day at Starbucks, my only Starbucks this trip.  

We raced to do Star Tours which was good but our other Star Wars ride was closed.

The other big rides, besides our Fast-passes were rollercoasters, which are not my jam.  So   I felt a little purposeless and only walked 9 km!

My Disney app beeped about an hour before our Toy Story Mania Fast-pass telling us that the ride was down and that we now had  our Fast-pass commuted to a Fast-pass to any other ride.  

In the end, the three boys and I decided to keep checking to see if the ride was back on and keep our original Fast-pass.  I am so glad we did.  It was the longest Fast-pass line ever but it is a 3 -D target shooting game and so much fun.

We went to the Indiana Jones show.  It was clever but went about 5 minutes too long.



Kara’s funnel cake was delicious:


Back home our dinner of Pizza Hut was really good and hit the spot.




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