In which I nearly get to eat authentic poutine and nearly get in trouble with the Disney bus driver



This morning Epcot’s bag check line was longer than any I had experienced before and there was no way any of our crew ( even going through the quick no-bag line) were going to see the Jamitors first performance at rope drop or the park’s opening ‘pinky promise’ not to run to rides.

On the walk in we saw a dog from the canine squad reacting to something.  One handler said to the other something like ‘let him go- he’s onto something’ 

The dog was released and it bounded straight over to a man standing off away from bag check.  It stopped and sat with its nose touching the man’s backpack that he was holding. 

I had to keep moving, in fact I moved faster than normal in case it was going to become a situation, so I don’t know the outcome of that little interlude.

By the time I got through bag check, I met the family at Test Track where they were near the front of the line, but the ride itself was not working- again, and there was no estimation given of when it might start working- again.

I love Epcot so much and did not fancy wasting time in a line that may be going nowhere.

We agreed to give the ride another half hour to open before we abandoned it.  Twenty minutes later and there was an almighty whoop up the front as the ride began!

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We did a couple rides and then because we were Fast-passing the more intense Mission Space ride in early afternoon, we decided to get lunch early to minimize the risk of upset tummies on the ride.

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We again went to the lands to glean tasty morsels; collectively we found a schwarma plate and a nugget plate (?) from Morocco, croissants and baguette from France and Canadian poutine compromised in its authenticity by brisket.  I had chosen the poutine and it was delicious but I was disappointed that it was not real curds, rather a cheesy sauce. 

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We went to Mission Space- lining up for the more intense Orange version this time as opposed to last time safe ‘green’ version.

A family next to us had two extremely wrung-out looking parents with the two kids acting like they had been drinking sugary blue soda all week- they were hyped.

Somehow the older kid, the sister, convinced the brother that they were actually going to space for real. The little guy was beside himself, shaking, crying, begging his parents to pray with him.  I don’t get why they did not just put him out of his misery and tell him it was just a ride.

The ride was fun, it really made you feel weighted as though you were traveling upwards at high speeds.

As we filed out, I was relieved to see the little boy was no longer crying.

I had been cajoling the others all day to come back to Japan and try a shaved ice with me, so they gave in to my nagging and we all enjoyed our shaved iced immensely.

I stayed back to take in some final glimpses of the lands Epcot.


I had been cajoling the others all day to come back to Japan and try a shaved ice with me, so they gave in to my nagging and we all enjoyed our shaved iced immensely.

I stayed back to take in some final glimpses of the lands Epcot.

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My tired feet plodded me out of the park, towards to the buses. I could see that the bus for Saratoga Springs up ahead of me had boarded and was ready to leave.  Aghhhh!  No!

I ran for all I was worth, the backpack with our snacks and water bottles bouncing uncomfortably against my back. 

As I skidded ungracefully into line, the driver alighted from his seat and pointed back where I had come from.  ‘Go back and walk’ he said.

I stared open-mouthed at him for a second, and then he collapsed into laughter.  Bill the bus driver turned out to be one of the best parts of the day. He cracked continual wisecracks  and his fun trivia quiz kept us going until we reached our hotel.


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