Bad Grandma and the soggy book disaster


Big line for bag check today, like – CRAZY big.  I shuffled into the line resignedly and settled in for a long wait.  A family group walked through the quick ‘no-bag’ line, but the Grandma, short, squat and entirely decked out in sunshine yellow, got stopped as she was carrying a bag.  She glared at the the security guard for a moment and then she turned to walk to the back of the line, then she paused where I stood in the line, now only about 5 people off being checked.  

Magically, she switched on a huge smile and flashed it at a lady 2 people closer to the bag check than me.

‘Hiiiiiii!’ She gushed up at the woman.  The other woman looked confused.  

‘I met you on the bus a couple days ago, remember?’, Bad Grandma simpered. 

‘We did?’ The woman in our line stammered. 

‘ Yeah!  Youu have, you know…… kids.  Where did you say you were from again?’

‘Ohio,’ said the confused victim.

‘Ohio?!?!  No way, me too!’

As Bad Grandma continued to gush, smile, simper and open-mouth-‘oh-wow!’ her way through the conversation, she was moving inch by inch closer to the woman, and ultimately into the line.  

Those of us closest were open-mouthed at her deceitfulness but no one said anything. 


I bet she runs on her way to the rides too!!!!


After such a long queue to get through bag check, there was no way I was going to catch up with my family who I had sent ahead to go line up at the Seven Dwarves rollercoaster ride.  By the time I got to the ride, they had moved well beyond my reach.  I was experiencing some pretty un-magical emotions about this.  I stalked off to find a different ride to experience in the meantime, but mid-stalk I halted, remembering that this is Disney we are talking about.  This is the home of Ohana; Ohana means family, it means nobody gets left behind!!

I walked back to the ride and explained my predicament.  One phone call later and I was standing in the Fast-pass lane, waiting for my family to come to me in the line.  Yay!  You rock, Disney!

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Today was a less-rides-more-looking-at-the-map kind of day.  The Disney app kept underestimating our planned rides, so we would arrive a ride and the queue would be outrageously long.  Thank goodness for our Fast-passes and our amazingly productive NYE at Magic Kingdom a few day’s earlier.  

Kara’s Aussie friend Andrew has just arrived at Disney and he joined us for a couple of hours.  

Kara and I were determined to have a pineapple dole whip before we left as it is a Disney classic.  Just before heading to our last ride, I got in the massive line at the Dole whip place that a helpful person had showed Kara on the map. As I got within reach of the menu, I saw that I was at the Orange Dole whip canteen, not the Pineapple one!  Eewwww!

I resigned myself to it as there was no chance I was joining another crazy line.  Kara and I regarded our whips with disappointment and skepticism, but actually it was refreshing and  yummy!  I had ordered the whip mixed with ice cream and it kind of reminded me of a Splice except with orange, not pineapple.  Now my last chance to experience Dole whip will be  Hawaii.

When we got home I had a bunch of laundry to do.  I took it all down to the guest laundry and emptied the two bags of laundry into two washing machines.  

I turned them on and gathered up my plastic bags and then I froze, a cold chill creeping up my spine.  My book- it had been in the smaller bag.  I had put it there so I had something to do while I waited for the laundry cycle.  And now it was IN the laundry cycle about to ruin all the clothes.

I ran to the machines and pulled hard at the doors.  Locked!  I could not see where to turn the machines off.

I raced out in the now pouring rain, over to the pool cafe.  They told me to get the laundry department on the extension phone.  Laundry told me, sorry- you just have to wait until the cycle is finished. 

When the cycle finished, thankfully the book had not entirely disintegrated, but all the clothes in that machine came out snowy- coated in wet paper.  Blergh.

I threw the book out, shook out as much of the nasty wet book fluff from the clothes and began a brand new wash.  I was relieved that second wash did the trick.

And the. It was off to sleep in readiness for a 2 am wake-up



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