Wham Bam, thank you Lord for the Spam!

I promised the younger two a day of rest today.

We were all up early due to jet lag.  I was up at 2 and then I stayed up when I woke again at 4 am.

Kara’s foot needed a rest, so we headed out to church without her.

Church was only a 6 minutes walk.  I felt VERY underdressed and self conscious walking in wearing my shorts and new Hawaiian flip-flops, after losing my old ones in Kenya somewhere. Many of the ladies wore long colorful dresses that made me think of a 70s potluck for some reason.  Always with the food!

We were grabbed warmly and instead of  ‘how are you?’ it was ‘where are you from?’ asked as we were ushered in the door.

Several elderly singers were already standing up front and when I expected them to lead us in our first song, they all started to slowly, rhythmically swivel their hips and gesticulate with their hands in a dancing motion!  Turns out they were doing a hula!  Very cool, although I was confused at first and had to check the program to see exactly what kind of church we were st. 🤣


On the way home, we saw some spam musubi (a staple dish here) and I knew we had to try them for lunch.  We only got 2 pieces, as well as some sushi and another local dish-Loco Moco (white rice, topped with hamburger, fried egg and gravy). That spam musubi is delicious, nothing like the gag-fest I had expected.   I could eat it every day.

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We rested until afternoon tea and then some of us hiked out to Waiola Shave Ice, known as one of the best shave ice places here.

I was surprised by the texture of the ice: powdery and you almost feel like it must be dry.

Not like the crunchier shave ice I had so enjoyed at Disney.

My two experiences of shave ice were really incomparable, world’s apart.  I still really enjoyed this new type of shave ice, but didn’t find the flavours quite as distinct.

I googled it when we got home and learned that the Disney shave ice is actually a sno cone, not a true shave ice.

I am not quite sure what I think about that, hence I have determined to have one of the real shave ices each day to come to terms with this new piece of knowledge. 🤣💪🏻

In a couple days we will try the shave ice with condensed milk with azuki beans and mochi balls.

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We actually didn’t do a whole lot today besides walk to get food!  Typical of us.

Just before sunset, we walked through the picturesque Hilton Hawaiian Village to get to Gilligan’s Beach Shack and sample another iconic dish: garlic shrimp.  I was a little unhappy that it would be served on shoestring fries instead of rice, but it is close to us and right on the beach.

The garlic shrimp was tasty but I felt that the bits of garlic were a bit too big and came from a can.  I think I will have to keep looking for the perfect garlic shrimp but this place got extra points for aesthetics


It was a sunset to get lost in and the vibe around us was joyful.  People happily splashing in the lagoon, a couple people paddle boarding, others sitting in the rocks quietly drinking in the sunset.


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As we strolled home in the gathering gloom, the sweet warm aroma of waffle cones pulled us into Lapperts ice cream store where I gave in to my love affair with peanut butter with blissful abandon. Dunno what the others had, but mine was pure scrumptsh.

2 scoops:

One scoop of mini peanut butter cup fudge and one scoop of Nene Tracks (chocolate roasted almonds and cashews, peanuts, mini peanut butter cups, dark chocolate fudge, and salted carmel)

Oh so creamy, oh so generously chunked up with all sorts of peanut-buttery delightfulness.

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We had another quite early night due to jet lag, and I felt an uncomfortable prickling beginning in my throat as I drifted off to a night of discomfort.


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