A tragedy and a disappointing combo

This morning Bodie accompanied me out to do a top-up grocery shop.  As we walked past a high-rise close to ours a bunch of emergency vehicles screamed in and police and ambulance were going in. 

They were all standing in a circle around someone.  As we stood waiting for our light to turn green, I asked a bystander what was going on.

‘We heard an almighty crash.  I think a tree has fallen and a woman was underneath it.’

We hoped she was going to be alright, but Bodie noted that no- one moved with any urgency, which they would if life was a possibility.

‘ I think she’s dead.’ he said.

As we walked past again after our shopping trip, a white sheet was draped over a form on the ground.  There was no tree that had fallen at all, just a body. 

Extremely tragic.

I was feeling light-headed and feverish all day, with my prickly throat spiking my day a little. 

We had been informed that our building would lose water from 11 until 3 in the afternoon so we had psyched ourselves up for no running water and all gone to the bathroom about a ga-thousand times.

Every hour we checked the taps and the water never went off for us at all. 

This meant I couldn’t avoided a laundry run….

I thought a walk to get shave ice would make me feel better so we ventured out to Waiola Shave ice.

This time we ordered our ice with azuki beans and condensed milk.

A big disappointment.  

When Zac ordered it in Korea, the shave ice was completely saturated in condensed milk, azuki beans were sprinkled on top and it was amazing.

Here though, a large helping of azuki beans was placed in the bottom of the bowl and after the syrups, only a scant drizzle of condensed milk went on top. 


The beans, though yummy, melted the ice prematurely.  I savored the little bits that had condensed milk on them; those bits were yummy.  The rest of it was just a warm sludgy mess really.


Zac and I headed out as the sun began to set to grab some Jack in the Box; another one on the kids’ list of fast food to taste.

It was a long walk out there and we had a large order, so we decided to Uber back.  As we entered our lobby, a concerned Bodie called to see if we were ok.

For once I was on my A-game.

‘We are doing fine, Bo’ I panted down the phone.  ‘We are nearly at the location.  We will head back soon. We may be a while.’


Well, I thought I was hilarious.  


Look how big the drink was!  E0CC94D7-5E7D-4B35-8B96-633475ADB1A7


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