So close and yet so far

We were up earlyish to be at the bus stop by 9.

It took us 3 buses ( one of them was a mistaken extra bus) to get to the Dole Plantation.

We needed exact change to garner our day passes for the bus; every bus driver we encountered were very helpful.

We enjoyed watching the transition from high-rise to lush countryside as we travelled north.

The bus provided some fascinating people watching.  A man behind us kept making a noise like a barking dog with an allergy; but as he got off the bus, he paused to give us some sightseeing tips in a very normal human voice. 

I noticed that quite a few passengers sat on the outside edge of their bus row, which made it tricky and awkward to try to edge past them and sit on the spare seat.  I guess that it is the idea.


After an hour, we arrived at the Dole Plantation.



It is a big property with lots of people visiting.

We did the informative train ride first.  A recorded voice accompanied by beach tunes gave us the history of the plantation as the train took us through the pineapple and other crops.  





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The main draw card for us was the maze, though; the world’s largest maze.  It was a lot of fun running around to log our card in to the various secret stations.  Fun, but hot work. 




We cooled off with Dole whip after.  Tangy and refreshing. 


The shop in that place has some savvy people on board their marketing team.  Who knew pineapple as a food and as a concept could produce so many souvenirs?  So many amazing shirts, types of food ( the range of cotton candy alone!) and stuffed toys blew my brain.  All marketed so well, so pretty, so bright, everything smelling so good.  I hate shopping, but I could have browsed there for ages.

We were so close to Haleiwa and the where the most renowned shrimp truck and most raced about shave ice place both run their business.  Did we go?  No- the others were tired and my taste buds were still broken.

So we hopped on the bus and went home.  This bus took us through China Town, past the palace and other sights in the city.  

We grabbed some hot chips and sesame mochi as a late lunch.  I just wanted to sleep when we got home.  I think it was a quiet afternoon of rest.  I think….  can’t really remember.

Zac and I fetched everyone a forgettable Taco Bell dinner.  My meal was bland, although my dormant taste buds could be partially at fault.

We watched the next episode of the Masked Singer and then it was beddy byes



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