It’s a Wrap!

I needed to grab some breakfast supplies so I walked across to the ( expensive) little grocery store and on the way I had sighting # 4 of the tall troubled young lady.  

She was on a downer, very bleary eyed, pouty, and in a filthy mood but still stumbling near the curb trying to pick up customers.  She was gone when I returned. 

While at the store I saw  that one of the food places I had noted for us up visit (Ted’s Bakery) supplied individual slices of their most famous pies there.  I bought one of each: haupa cream ( coconut), chocolate cream and lilikoi cheese( which was like a passion fruit -topped cheesecake).  All were yummy but my favorite was the lilikoi.


I also did a last early morning Starbucks run for the boys on the way home.  

Today is the final day of our adventure!  It has gone in the blink of an eye, yet I felt we have been able to savor it.  I feel sad to leave, yet happy to return home.  Obviously it was a perfect amount of time away.

After breakfast while the older guys were out experiencing a shooting range, and Kara was asleep, Flynn and I walked to the beach with our boogie boards.  It was safe and shallow with hardly any waves where we were, but the water is the perfect temperature; just cool enough to refresh.  We had fun paddling around, trying to catch non-existent waves.

I had noticed the aqua cycles for hire on the beach earlier in the week and we decided to see if they might suit us.  

We got our instructions and rolled out into the blue ocean on our aqua cycle. It was fun, but we didn’t move very quickly and any movement required some exertion.  That is probably good as otherwise we would accidentally be running over the swimmers and paddle boarder out there.

It was a lovely bonding experience. Flynn never does anything the straightforward way.  He had us experimenting with various cycling techniques, using each other’s pedals at times.  On this occasion however, the traditional method proved the smoothest as far as speed and ease of use.


By the time we got home it was lunch time and we were hot and weary.  

My grouch appeared when I realized we didn’t have enough lunch supplies and that another supermarket trip was necessary.  

Trudge, trudge, trudge, grumble, grumble, grumble; inner fuming that ice cream and bread are so expensive here. Bread is between $5 and $8.  Like, seriously?  Nothing even special about the bread!

After lunch we played another round of Stupid Deaths, Flynn’s Christmas game.  It is a fun addictive interesting game except that each round comes down entirely to luck; with us basically guessing if the Stupid Death that has been read out is true or false.  

Just before sunset we left poor Zac with his injured toe behind in the condo and walked back up past International Marketplace to the beach to watch our last sunset.

Flynn and I had brought our swimsuits to change into for a swim, but the men’s  restroom was closed for cleaning.  Unfortunately Flynn is at the stage where if an obstacle appears in the way of his original idea, he shuts down that idea entirely right away.  None of our suggestions to get around this obstacle worked for him, so our swimsuits stayed dry, which to be honest was good for travel the next day.  Drying clothes last minute would have been a hassle.

We again witnessed a slammin’ sunset on the beach with dozens of other people, but somehow it was still incredible seeing that amongst all the tourists, a boat race and the groups in the water taking surfing lessons.



We left as soon as the magic was gone, pausing to grab a shave ice.

It turned out to be the best shave ice of the TRIP!  Perfect texture and true, distinct flavors.  What a fantastic thing to happen on our last day!  



When we got home it was a flurry of last minute packing, weighing and setting alarms for 4 in the morning!

Epilogue: no one wants to know about our straight-forward trip home.  BORING!

But we had a little drama at the airport- and it was loud enough that a fellow passenger called me over BY NAME to come give him the lowdown! 

In the departure lounge, the Jetstar crew kept calling out for ‘Bobby Taylor’ to come to the counter.  After a time, as Bobby never showed, Bodie figured that they must be mispronouncing his name (as half the world does) and he presented to the counter to see what they wanted.

At the counter, he was informed that his booking had been made separately to the rest of us and he would be seated by himself!  He tried to talk about how I had made a group booking, but he kept being rudely interrupted and talked over.

I had been away fetching snacks, so when I came back and got the lowdown, I put on my fighting face and brought all the booking information to the counter.

The first couple of moments I was talked over and felt bulldozed into some weird alternate reality, but eventually I was able to show them the booking information and insist that they look.   Turns out there IS a Bobby Taylor!  And HE is sitting on his own.  To be fair, the staff  apologized profusely for causing unnecessary stress.

I complained a lot about Jetstar charging for everything in last post.  The upsides were that they provided spacious and comfortable seats and the paid entertainment was great.

My sweet sister welcomed us at the airport and we later caught a hot bus ride home.  

Home for a while.

Next trip: my solo trip for my high school reunion back in the US of A!



2 Comments on It’s a Wrap!

  1. Gaz
    January 15, 2019 at 2:18 am (2 years ago)

    I loved those pies at Ted’s Bakery when I was there. It’s going to be a hot week in Canberra. Shave ice with lots of condensed milk would be good.

    • admin
      January 15, 2019 at 6:05 am (2 years ago)

      Are you a shave ice fan too? Sooooo refreshing and good. 🙂


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