Reunion -full day

I think I last left off when I was overcome with jet lag at around 10:30 at my school friend Lynette’s house.

Her daughter had very kindly given up her room so I had privacy and she slept out in the living room.

I felt a wave of unconsciousness sweep over me and gave myself over to it. I was oblivious until a phone blared into my unconsciousness. My phone.

I fumbled around and answered it.

My youngest.

Asking me to check my emails.

For a password.

For him.

At 3 am.


He felt guilty for waking me so stayed on a little to chat.🤔😜

Lynette’s daughter’s alarm went off at 7am and I couldn’t work out how to turn it off.

It turned itself if after a minute’s chirruping, thank goodness.

We coffeed and then headed for the ferry to Fort Worden State Park, for the reunion.

From the ferry:


On board I found the famous Ellenos yogurt that I was planning to try at the Pike Place Markets, and in what I assume will be my favourite flavour: lemon curd.


It was delicious.  Needs to have a better lemon curd ratio though.

We arrived before everyone else, so we checked out an alternative accomodation option being offered to us, as the whole place is under construction and we’d been warned the noise may be distracting.

We stayed with the original location though, loving its large living spaces and the long table to host all our catching up .

After another chowder lunch, we checked into our digs and the other folk began arriving.

The kids I went to school with all those years ago.

I won’t actually blog about the reunion, except to say; these are my people; my tribe.

These are the only human beings, besides my sister (and I guess the people in our compound  in Nairobi) who shared that unique experience; they get me, they know!

A testament to this is the fact that I sat my introvert at that table last night for over 6 hours!

And some of the hair-raising tales that came up in our shared memories last night were crazier than my childhood!

It was a precious day and already so worth the trip over.

So, so much laughter exploding around the table.  So many teenage mysteries solves!

Here are some images to help tell a bit of the story:

Deer live here!


Reunion fridge:


Reunion drinks fridge:


Our walk down to the ‘beach’.


View from our vantage point:


The ‘beach’.


Headed home:




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