In which I discover delicious ice cream…. oh and also Seattle

Breakfast at Sheri’s house this morning was lovely.  She made the best banana bread.  Her brother and his wife are in town so they came over.

Her brother all these years later, still talks like every RVA boy ever.  He cracked me up!

It was a short visit, because my alarm went, so Sheri kindly dropped me off to the dock where I had to catch the Clipper ferry to Seattle.

Staying with Sheri has been so wonderful.  She is just like I remember her at RVA.  She is friendly to every soul she encounters.  Knows everyone in the area.  She approaches life and the people she encounters with warmth, confidence and joy.  I went through a customs check and this one went without any dramas.


The ferry is spacious and it wasn’t even nearly full booked.  Loads of free seats.

Inexplicably, a passenger plonked herself in the seat next to me, when she could have had a whole row to herself.

5 minutes later a discounted upgrade to the top deck was announced to anyone who wanted to take it, so I snatched the opportunity for introvert time and got two seats to myself.



The 2 1/2 hour trip passed quickly.


Once we docked, I quickly found my checked luggage and headed towards the second customs counter.  I had been told by the first customs guy that on the Seattle side, the customs check would be a half hour interview.

When it was my turn, the customs official only glanced at my passport and asked when I was leaving Seattle.  Less than a minute’s worth of ‘interview’!

I gripped my suitcase and started to walk to my hostel.  It was hard to see iPhone maps because I had the brightness turned low to save battery.

I have a bit of a bone to pick with iPhone maps actually.  It took me up 3 massive flights of stairs when just a block along there would have been no stairs.   I got a workout heaving the heavy suitcase up all those stairs.


iPhone maps also wanted to take me a whole block past the the actual hostel.  Thankfully I saw a guy from the ferry exiting a hole in the wall.  He looked like a ‘hostel’ type so I stepped out on the street to have a look-see if it might just be the hostel.  And it was!

I was somehow upgraded to a 6 bed room rather than the 12 bed room I paid for.  2 of my roomies were there when I got in.  Probably 10 years my senior, they made jokey comments (You know the kind of jokey speak that actually is serious?  That.) like ‘we hope you aren’t a big perfumer like the other girl in here’ ( I had just put on my perfume,so I swallowed hard and tried not to breathe too much) and ‘we hope you aren’t loud when you go to bed like the other girls.’


I dumped my things into my massive under-the-bed locker and headed out.

I caught a bus straight out to Northgate mall in order to get to Bath & Body Works before I ran out of steam.  It was a half hour bus trip. I didn’t have change but the driver said kindly, ‘This one’s on me.’

The mall has so much construction around it, and finding the entrance was confusing.  I timidly followed a young man in, hoping he wasn’t setting me up to rob me.  He was so kind, though and after we got in, he waved goodbye.

I stumbled into an Aunty Anne’s pretzel before finding Bath & Body Works.  Not quite as salty as I like but still so very delicious.


The bus driver on the way back also gave me my return bus trip for free.  I have certainly been the recipient of kindness today.

My own attempts at kindness were thwarted.

I encountered several homeless folk begging throughout the day.  As I carried no cash, I couldn’t give money ( not that I would anyway) Each offer to instead purchase them something was thrown back in my face with GREAT disdain all three times.

Hmmmm.  If you wanted cash for a bus ticket, wouldn’t you be excited for me to buy you the entire bus ticket?

I landed back at the bus stop near the hostel.

Guess what time it was….. ice cream time!


I walked to Salt & Straw which is a 1.5 km walk from The Green Tortoise Hostel. I figure I pretty much have earned the ice cream by the time I get there and back!

There was a queue at Salt and Straw that moved quickly.  None of the flavours I had seen online in Australia were on offer anymore.  I ordered Beecher’s cheese with peppercorn toffee.  This is a regulate flavour and it just blew my mind.  Incredible taste combo and the crunch of the generous sprinkling of peppercorn toffee chunks……  Wowzers!

My second scoop was the ‘fresh sheep’s cheese and strawberries’.  It was ok.  I am not usually a big fruit person when it comes to ice cream and this did not change that notion.


On my way back to the hostel, I spotted a cinema and spontaneously went.  Stuber was about to start so I bought a ticket. The price of a movie ticket was comparable to Australia.

My tummy was still full of ice cream so I ordered a small popcorn and a small drink.

I could have carried a baby around in that popcorn container. The drink was even larger.  Together they cost more than the movie ticket! ?

The ads before the feature went for about half an hour.  Stuber, the movie, was hilarious and the entire audience laughed raucously throughout.

I got home just as it grew dark and sat out in the common area to charge my phone and upload photos to my blog post.

The blog doesn’t work so great on mobile phone and uploading those stupid photos was a process that had me thinking some words that my daughter doesn’t even know that I KNOW! ?it took nearly 2 hours.

Thank goodness for the bad karaoke going on around me to keep me laughing.


The bathrooms here are very private and each shower has a toilet in the room too.

I had a quick shower and crept into bed in the darkness as everyone else was asleep. It soon became apparent that one of my roomies had taken my blanket….. so it was quite a chilly sleep.

On this trip, I have come to ‘see’ how my 20/20 vision is no longer.  I will need to get glasses when I get home.


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  1. Gary Lum
    July 14, 2019 at 10:58 pm (1 year ago)

    Maybe some extra perfume is needed to ward away the chill ??

    • admin
      July 16, 2019 at 3:52 pm (1 year ago)

      I reckon! ?


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