In which I become a leeeetle bit of a food critic….

The night before, I had gone to bed at 10:30.   At around 11:15, the door opened and a new roomie came in.  We each have a lamp near our bed.  New roomie turned on the bright main light; probably to find her lamp, I thought hopefully.

Nope.  The light stayed on for over an hour as new roomie unpacked.  She opened and shut her locker at least 20 times loudly while I lay there thinking some of those words my daughter doesn’t know that I know.

At 5 the next morning, new roomie was up- main light turned on and glaring us all awake.  New roomie opened and shut her locker even more than the night before, entering and exiting the room numerous times.  I gave up on sleep and clambered down from the top bunk.

New roomie looked across at me and mouthed ‘so sorry‘ with wide, exaggerated lip contortions.  ?

I dressed, stepped out from The Green Tortoise and ate an early breakfast at The Crumpet shop.


 One crumpet didn’t feel like enough but 2 was too much.  I really enjoyed my lemon curd crumpet but should have substituted butter for the ricotta as I didn’t feel that the flavours complimented  each other.  And I felt the same when it came to the maple butter ricotta and walnut crumpet.  I not sure why they are having this apparent love affair with ricotta.  Ricottas should not marry crumpets in my humble opinion.

I came back home to have a morning shower and then Googled a quick refresher about the ins and outs of Twin Peaks so I didn’t feel ridiculously under-informed on my Twin Peaks tour.

The rain set in, of course, as I began my half hour walk to the pick up location.  The tour vehicle was not obviously marked and that coupled with the fact that David was dressed as an FBI agent, it took us a few moments to connect the dots.


David apologized for having to bring his small daughter along.  *foreshadowing*  His babysitter had fallen through last minute.  She seemed to be a cute and cheery kiddo, so I settled in the back with her.

One other guy showed up.  Zane came to Seattle specifically to do this tour!  And, he is staying at my hostel.

David handed his daughter an iPad, but she refused it.  Then, we were off.

The story of how the tour came to be was fascinating.  David was obsessed with the show and fixated on finding the location for his own satisfaction.  Locating them all took nearly 4 years.

He had some out-of-town friends passing through who had a few spare hours. He suggested he show them the filming locations and they just loved his tour.  They urged him to start doing it as a business.  He looked into it, looked to see if anyone already did a Twin Peaks tour, but nobody specialized.  So David’s Twin Peaks tour was born and quickly became his full time job.

He also brings the added bonus of knowing all the actors personally as well as the director through his time as an actor in LA.

He chatted away as we drove to the first location, but his daughter very quickly became  less cute and cheery and more bratty and bottom-smackable .

Seriously, we had only pulled away from the curb at the meeting point when she said her first ‘Daddyyyyyy are we there yet?’

This became her mantra, followed closely by the ‘Daddyyyyy, I neeeed the iPad!’

Every time the poor man opened his mouth, she opened hers!

He struggled to keep his professional face on, poor thing.

I think both Zane and I were overjoyed when he finally said in a saccharine tone ‘Kaley I want you to stop talking or when we ARE there I’ll take the iPad and throw it out the window ok, honey?’


After that Kaleyjust sighed loudly for at least 3 minutes before starting up the mantras again.

For three and a half hours we stopped at various filming locations.  It didn’t matter that I had a bad memory because David played a refresher scene as we pulled up to each new location.


We stopped at the Double R Diner about which which FBI agent Cooper had said “Damn good food. Diane, if you ever get up this way that cherry pie is worth a stop.”



Zane and I both ordered a slice of that cherry pie ?and also bought what Cooper had called “a damn fine cup o’ coffee!”.


I agreed with him about the cherry pie.  I liked the sugar crunch on the top and the pie itself  was delicious.

The coffee, Agent Cooper and I have to agree to disagree on that.  Only one sip afflicted my tastebuds before I left it on the table.



David dropped us back at the pickup location and I quickly Ubered over to do a brief catchup with my RVA friend Lynette and her husband.

We went up the top of the Space Needle and marvelled at the panorama of bast, cloudy Seattle laid out before us.


Lynnette’s brave feet! E5CD1D15-BD49-4218-A562-A0C90CDDCB8C


After some wandering around like tourists, we said our goodbyes.


I dropped my souvenirs off at the hostel and then made my way down to the pier to meet Moira.

We walked quite a ways to an Ethiopian restaurant and ordered hungrily.

It is a good thing that the company was pristine because the food was NOT.


The  shiro wot was fantastic, but the injera was not fresh.    Fresh injera: you just cannot stop eating it!

The yekik alicha tasted off to the point of being soured; Moira guessed it to be 5 days old.  After one bite, we left it alone.

But we caught up on some of the 29 years since we had graduated and I felt blessed.

Our Uber driver as we went back to the pier was an Ethiopian guy who was thrilled to chat about all things injera bu wot.


After waving Moira off, I came back to get ready for bed.  I was thrilled to see that new roomie had left.  A young Scottish girl sat a little forlornly on her bottom bunk.  We chatted briefly and then I hit the sack.


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