Long walks and a hatchet

I decided I won’t be trekking up the hill to get more of that amazing Salt and Straw ice cream, partly because I would have continued to eat the same two amazing flavours and partly because I was becoming a little portly.  I think I may be a little allergic to milk.

Today was all about grabbing up the last souvenirs for the fambam.

The original Starbucks:


I fuelled up on an unsatisfactory salad and an agreeable iced double shot milk drink at Starbucks.




I popped in to the Target next door to look at candy and felt like I was in an Australian Target.  Their gum and chewy candy aisle had all the same flavours and brands we have in Australia.  Have our gum flavours really expanded and broadened that much?  There isn’t a gum flavour I would take home, because we have them all, besides cinnamon!


Rather a lot more boring souvenir shopping followed.  

I began to walk back down towards Pike Place Chowder to finally secure a serve of their award-winning clam chowder, but I was rudely intercepted by a huddle of food trucks.


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There was no way I could bypass a food truck experience.



I settled o  a combo I have long wanted to taste: Mexican/ Korean fusion.  It was tasty.

After all the walking, I needed some recuperation time back at the hostel.

A sneaky second lunch of CLAM CHOWDER


(!!!!!!😍😍so good!!!) energised me for the long walk up to Kerry Park, where the views of the city took my breath away.



My feet ached, but tomorrow I leave the US.  I wanted to get up close to the Amazon spheres and so I plugged Amazon into Maps and set off on a slight detour, or so thought.

Apparently more than one Amazon building exists in Seattle and Maps predictably selected the wrong one and sent me on a 1.5 km wild goose chase.

What’s an extra kilometre or two, right?  The spheres remained elusive so I plugged the right wording into Maps and determinedly set off for the real building.


What an impressive structure.






I was 400 meters from home when I spotted the Golden Arches and thought ‘salad’ and ‘free wifi’.


My dinner began quietly.


Then the guy who came up next to my table lost his grip on his only-just-purchased oversized cup of soda. It smashed onto the ground, sounding like broken glass, sending sticky soda splashing everywhere, especially over the backpack of the man next to him.  In his shock, backpack man splattered his face and hands with his own soft serve cone. He stood up and moved disgustedly to another table, ignoring the meek apologies from the now-drinkless man.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a young couple standing outside McDonald’s were being loudly told off by a man with expressive hands that quivered with passion.

The young couple just stood there got a bit, but the young guy in particular was working up to blowing a gasket. All of a sudden an ornate hatchet appeared in his hand and he stepped forward, his teeth bared  Quivering hand guy backed away momentarily, but recovered and came back even closer.  Hatchet guy swung the hatchet with any real conviction.  Unfazed, quivering hand guy stood his ground.  Hatchet guy stowed the hatchet away and took off, while quivering hand guy continued his verbal assault.

Thankfully a bystander stepped in and steered the girl away from the fray.  She seemed stoned, eyes rolling around, moving like she was in a trance.

When I finished and left, I can upon quivering hand dude, now waving those tremulous hands towards the whole world, teetering on the edge of the kerb close to where the buses were racing past.  He didn’t even notice the danger, he was too engrossed in his shouted message.


I saw  police up ahead.  Were they arresting hatchet guy?, I wondered.

Nope, it was a muscly dude, already handcuffed, with a paddy wagon approaching to pick him up.


When I got to my room, my two young Scottish roomies urged me to come on the hostel-run pub crawl with them.  I said a hearty ‘no thank you.

The little Glaswegian lass sounded especially worse for wear in the early hours.


2 Comments on Long walks and a hatchet

  1. Gary
    July 17, 2019 at 8:46 pm (1 year ago)

    Gee, good to know you could watch safely and the incident didn’t get too out of hand.
    Nice to see Starbucks got your name correct on the cup 😃
    It’s always hard to walk past food trucks 😂

    • admin
      July 18, 2019 at 3:55 am (1 year ago)

      I actually want Starbucks to mess my name up badly- it’s what they are famous for. Mess up my name, not my drink order 🤣
      Yeah, I live food trucks!


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